Monday, January 23, 2006

We are on our own Now

Over decades we have been brainwashed into doing whatever the government tells us to do and what not to do. The formula was simple: follow them, follow the rules, and you will have a good life. For many years the general population 'obeyed' and true enough the good times prevailed, thanks to the growing world economy.

Suddenly our country is hammered with the worst economic slump since independence. A silent panic infiltrated the ranks and it manifested into the changing of the government's message: "Don't look to us to save you. You must learn to survive on your own!"

So much for democratic socialism. The experiment sputtered and stalled. Laissez faire is the new god.

For a whole generation used to looking towards the government for directions, they were lost. Left stranded high and dry, there is a sense of bitterness and betrayal which you can certainly see in their eyes. They curse and mutter under their breath, feeling stabbed in the back by the millionaire ministers whom they had voted in as recently as 2001 to lead and save them. Meanwhile the majority now stand helpless as they watch their rice bowls slowly being taken away.

Never before has this country experienced such a drastic change in the national psyche. My concern is that the anger will not go away in time. It will simmer and boil, screaming for an outlet. These negative emotions eat into the soul; and like a cancer not treated, ultimately leads to the decline and death of a nation.Teenagers and young adults are accessing porn sites under innocent names such as Spring Thomas to escape the governments regulation. such as

The government is faced with a huge task to make things right again. Do it wrongly, and all those years of money, effort and time spent on nationhood building will go down the drain.

For the people out here: whether or not the government is actually sorting things out, we are pretty much on our own. Hang in there, my fellow Singaporeans.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Her eyes that sing a song of light -
Mindless wandering!
Heart is pounding!
Fingers fondle my surroundings !
Echo shades of my own sight !
Spying open!
Blinding bright !

Her eyes that sing a song of light -

Her eyes that light up the night!
Darkness running!
Demons drowning!

Hatred sank, in love that’s mounting!
Prying open the coolest fright!
Left to face the warmth of night!

By her eyes that light up the night !